Hot Oil Flushing Procedure

Before conducting oil flushing works, Marked up P&ID indicating overall preparation items shall be provided by OSUNG.

1. Protection oil flushing velocity will be 0.5 to 1.25 meter per second to carry dirt and debris along with it.

2. During hot oil flushing weld joints and pipes should be agitated frequently by knocking with hammer or vibrator to release accumulated weld slag or dirt at the lowest points and other required points.

3. Oil circulation shall be maintained until desired level of cleanliness specified by manufacturer’s standard.

4. It is recommended that on line measurement may be carried out by certified oil particles/size count reading equipment. Sample should be sent to a certified Laboratory for NAS analysis and a report shall be submitted to Company.

5. The entire flushing oil system shall be hot oil flushed at 60º C~70 º C and off-skid pump should be at least capable of flowing at 150% of the system design flow rate after completion of pressure test.

6. Sampling should be done on an hourly basis or earlier if there are indications of any restrictions. All pipework associated with lube and hydraulic oil system will require to be flushed clean to an acceptable cleanness.

7. Screens shall be placed at all inlet terminations to the console or the packages, and at other strategic points.

8. Drain and check that piping system is drained off with the flushing oil. The piping system shall then be preserved by closing all opening to avoid contamination with foreign material.