We have top priority, seeking the safety accident-free company

We are in continuous training and practice, leading to a healthy and safe work culture.
1. Lim will create a safe workplace in mind that complies with the basic principles, such as family and peer love,     caring.
2. Comply with the strict HSE rules and regulations, and to find the risk factors prior to the thorough preparation     We will improve to action.
3. Safety through safety training acquire knowledge, and to each other through the TBM between worker safety     and advice We will ensure the safety and health of colleagues.
4. Act "or action from" and will lead to the best workshops in cooperation

1.Work safety rules.

A. Safety Principles
Find and remove threats in advance Organized principles, Initiative of the manager

Safety Campaign
Accident switch Altered consciousness General exercise
1. Compliance with basic principles 1. Responsible attitude 1. Conversation
2. Seeing, hearing action 2. Confidence 2. Labor-Management Cooperation
3. Changing habits 3. Improving mental 3. Standardization

C. Safety activities.

Education 1. Full monthly safety training
2. Every day during TBM thorough safety point
3. New incident during training and field practice thorough safety
4. Compliance with basic principles
5. 12 serious safety compliance
6. Personal protective equipment thoroughly
Health 1. Thorough self-management
2. Thorough personal hygiene
3. Between health care team members confirmed
Unity 1. Act or action from
2. Cooperate with each other
3.Best action from predecessor
Safety Knowledge 1. Actively participate in safety training
2. Between safety advice
3. Senior safety know-how transfer