Pig Procedure

Pigging is one flushing method to clean the pipe interior. Personnel and equipment shall be protected from the fluid or other material that may be expelled from the pipe. A normal pig like sponge and rubber can remove the rust and foreign materials which lay at pipe case by case. All pigging shall be conducted by observing and adhering to stringent safety precautions.

* Principle of a Pig in a pipe

- Pipe Cleaning to eliminate alien substance such as welding draft, rust, sand, gravel, etc. after completing new   pipe arrangement
- Elimination of rust and alien substance from used pipe arrangement
- Elimination of moisture after hydraulic pressure test, absorbing moisture in the surface of pipe arrangement
- Transporting food or semiproceed food during food production
- Transporting different items through the same pipe
- Pipe cleaning is used for various kind of business : The pipes of the chemical plants, food factory, waste water   piping pipe arrangement of golf course, oil pipeline, gas pipeline, service water pipe, etc.

* Soft pigging
1.Pigging with chemical: wet sponge
2.Holding(leaving the pipe after no.1) some time, for having the chemical reaction time
3.Pigging with dry sponge for removing the chemical
4.Pigging with water: wet sponge for rinsing
5.Pigging with dry sponge for removing water
6.<Check the condition>
   -The same process as the first pigging, until satisfaction

* Tube Cleaner